Entry #5

New Alias / Genre

2009-07-01 14:43:46 by DJSubstanc3

As you all can see, I haven't been on this particular account for quite some time. Been busy moving and such.

I have created a new alias name called "Innerman."


I have introduced more drum and bass in my genre and have learned quite a bit on the long 4-5 year road I have been on. I first started music back in 2004. I remember that time trying to make a simple beat while tilting back on our usual 24 pack Bud Light. My buddy would throw some stupid ideas for me to put on the DAW.

Now I'm sitting here thinking of other ideas to think about putting in a new song.

Time gets to you....and quickly



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2010-04-08 18:48:38

Nice Drum N Bass songs you got.