The one armed bandit

2007-12-23 06:29:14 by DJSubstanc3

So apparently my broken arm has given me justice.
Days with Vicodin, pain, sleep, rest, alcohol and girls. On top of that, I try to type with one hand and make music with it.

As far as the music goes....if I can make a sick song with one hand....behold the power of two.
Just like the saying "Two is beter than one"

I'm not much of a skateboarder, and my attempt on getting used to a bowl at a local skate park gave me some love from a very hateful skateboard.

Two bones...*pop* *pop*..
I watch it with joy.....and totally pissed off.
With my body in shock I *click click* them straight to avoid future pain.

Damn the fucking traffic sucked. No ambulance for me. Just me, my brother, a car, and some rush hour psychopaths weaving their way through.

As far as my humor was with the nurses....let's just say my reputation was pretty set. I just could not resist flirting and macking on the hot ones. I mean, even with a broken arm.
"I got some medicine you can try out"

I found the trip and adventure....shitty and painful and drugged up and happy with the hot nurse who has been tending me.

My game will never die :D


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2007-12-25 06:39:19

Noyce! Drugs + hot nurse + alcohol= good times!


2007-12-25 16:29:32

Hah, thats what happend with me, well not really popped an ARM bone in 2... Just a bone in the wrist...I know how you feel, Making music with one hand = hard as hell..
Get any screws in your bones? I got 2 in my wrist...Scars still healing =\

Hope everything goes well and crap, hope ya get better soon d00000d =]