Another blog again??

2007-12-27 04:21:13 by DJSubstanc3

Questioning gets tiring at times. The brain cells continue to work over-time, while you take a break...but no break for that pesky mind. Then that dilemma comes in your way, but it is no stumbling block, it's just another stepping success.

Wondering has many traits that kicks itself in the rear, more like...a cycle. Truly how wondering takes talent, that it is so completely effort-less. Now that's more like it. You dream, you dream. End of discussion? Not sure if I call it complete, but that's when you start to wonder about it. That walk seems accomplishable, and certainly could be. Now I wonder where I just left off in my incoherant rambling.

Dreaming has an area of fantasy. It can be good... and very bad. I usually find little glitches....more like...holes in your dreams where it may seep into your brain you can sometimes distrust...slowly that is. Ever dream of that award you so long for which is..."Individual of the Year"? Dream on! Everyone looks up to you, respects you, honors you, talks to you, calls you, and wants you....just for only 365 days...(not inlcuding that fabulous leap day....sorry for you 4 year olds going on math? 4 x 4 + x = 16 x = 1 year.....still don't understand? dream about what a leap year is :-P) Heh, damn culture these days are completely opposentiento. And btw....nice dreaming there slick.

Now there you have it. In the sum of this amazing wonder that you dream still question what you are perceiving.

Well, let's put it this way.

Are you strongly confident in who you are? ugh....that sounds a little too intense for you...maybe I should make it more simple.

Your uniqueness, your confidence, your heart, your mind, and your role in life...should never...ever be compromised, nor neither should it pull you down. Wonder what I'm talking about? There are things I heard that are called meekness, humbleness, open minde...., and maybe you'll learn answers of every question you had.

Now that....

is worth it.


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