Got a new project I'm working on

2008-01-02 18:51:39 by DJSubstanc3

Well, back at it again, New Years have passed, a nasty hangover, and music in my head???

That's right. I am going to plan on making a mix-up track..It's not like those quick short songs you will a matter of fact, it's more of a dj demo that I will will have to be cut up in order for it to be posted on NG. My goal is to hit at least 30 minutes of soundtrack, which makes it a very big project for me. So, there will be multiple parts, and if you want, you can download them and put them together for your own cd!

Well, I better get to work.

Here is something else to add....
For those of you who don't know, projects that DJs work on are a mix cd...basically there will be multiple songs into one.....

The first part is coming along nicely. Which will btw be named,

Remember, the beginning may be slow, but that is due to build-up....try to find other dj mixes, and you might get the idea.

It's about the music and style...not about how well it wants to make you dance so is a style and taste...even if it sound crappy, it can still be a good song.

When part 1 comes out, you will definately get the idea.


Obviously I am working quite quickly, I am about to do the finishing touches to Transitions...and will currently finish Traditions. I am pushing VERY hard to make it sound professional, and I am getting pretty damn close. I just need to remaster a little with the tracks. BTW - Don't expect it to sound like the stuff I have now...These are my biggest achievments so far and I am very happy on how it sounds so far. It's not like your going to hear short songs, I'm talking about a cd mix.


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