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[L3] The War (Hardstyle) [L3] The War (Hardstyle)

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Good Job

The greatest thing that makes this more hard, is well....of course the hardcore kick >_< but the extra usage of the reeverb kicks it hard into filling in the spots between the kicks and such. Too bad it's only 2 minutes long.

The only thing I kinda looked hard into, was the tail of the kick. Although it sounds good, for some reason I find it too much pulling back. It did fit good in the song.

I really do like the saws used here. Like I said, reeverb really did some good stuff in it.

Have fun in your music making and keep it goin!


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LiquidEvolution responds:

Well, the kick is a sample. For some reason, the hardstyle basses I make seem to be too distorted and when I try clean it up, it sounds like a cat being nailed to chalkboard. All I did was run some filters over it and amp it up a bit. Thaks for the review.

Family Guy Theme Family Guy Theme

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It seems today
that all you see
is violence in movies and sex on t.v.

But where are those good old fashion values
On which we used to rely!

Lucky, there's a family guy!
Lucky there's a man who,
positivly can do,
all the things that make us
laugh and cry!



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Goot-Amazed (COVER) Goot-Amazed (COVER)

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Very nice

I'm glad that I found someone who puts their heart into music. Usually, it's very hard to find people who do it this way. Many people these days, especially the culture these days, have absolutely no taste for music. Most of it is just repetitive and half-ass...just to make money. Those who really put out effort, time, hard work, and efficiency, gives out the best results that as you gave (putting into music) you find yourself blessed that you gave to others. On the other hand, your talent soothes.

Writing music is awesome. This is where you can express every bit and piece of yourself, that others can reflect the atmosphere and nature of the art.

Thanks for your dedication.

Good job

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starvingdude responds:

Thanks for the awesome review and I agree 100% of what you said, more people trying to make money out there with their crud music than people making music from the heart. Goot isn't the one who wants money, he just loves making music.

Very in-depth review aswell. Probably my fave review XD

Just Like You (City Edit) Just Like You (City Edit)

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good bass

I'm liking the bass part, but the only thing about the beats, that they are too weak...yeah city style good, but there is a way to make it more lively.

Good work though

Solar City Solar City

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good work my friend!!

I am a big fan of trance....this makes me happy :D

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tankbusta responds:

thank you for your comment !!!
will hear more from me soon

Continplation Continplation

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I like it!

Soothing shit!! Makes this song really easy to freestyle with....since I'm amateur at it, turned out pretty dope..

I think this brotha, keep it kickin!

A Waltz in G A Waltz in G

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Good work my friend

TheNossinator responds:

Thanks for the feedback! Glad you enjoyed it!

DJ Comet-Extreme S.(Mugen Mix) DJ Comet-Extreme S.(Mugen Mix)

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I'm liking this :D

I see what you mean about compressing and editing..

Good shit :D

Hrrhd - Trance Beggining Hrrhd - Trance Beggining

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Very nice

I like the idea of the beginning. I guess I can see some points missing in trance where alot of songs sound the same...not this one.
good stuff

horrorhead responds:

Cheers man, nice to know mine seperates itself a little from the rest =] Always good to know.
Thanks for taking your time to review.

{Barbed Wire} MAC7 {Barbed Wire} MAC7

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Your work is admired..been putting some thinking on the equipment that was and has been used the past year.

Note to consider - Plan on making an album to yourself...and send out to companies for resumes as work on music production...I believe that somewhere along the line, you will land a spot.


Your work drives the others for some competition :D

Nothing wrong with that haha!

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